High quality artificial rattan for weaving furniture

produced in Ukraine on most modern equipment;
resistant to UV fading and temperature changes (from -40°C to + 60°C)

 diversity of form and decors, custom manufacturing of artificial rattan ;
 durableartificial rattan that does not flake or crack;
 3-year warranty.


For our clients wide selection of fiberof different colors and textures.
We will help you find the right material.

More than 20 years of experience

High quality materia

Own production

About company

Company TIS was founded in 1995. Our specialty is the production of plastic products and distribution of building and finishing materials. Each of the 450 of our employees is a professional in the industry.

As one of the operation directions,TIS under the PRONIT TM produces high quality artificial rattan.

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Our production

TIS Extrusion Plant - first factory in Ukraine with production of artificial rattan for weaving of the furniture, distinct by innovative design and high quality, confirmed by tests in our own laboratory.

Thread features

The material is not afraid of bright sun or strong frost. It is very easy to maintain and care. 

Characteristics of rattan thread PRONIT:

  • production quality management system is certified according to ISO 9001;
  • each batch is tested in our own certified laboratory;
  • manufacture only fromprimary raw materials;
  • compliance with etalon;
  • elastic fiber for high-quality weaving.

Lightweight and durable thread

Rattan threadis resistant to mechanical stress and weather conditions.


Various colors and over 10 different forms of fiber.

High quality artificial rattan

Verified production formula allows obtaining high quality eco-friendly product.


Affordable, durable and undemanding in maintenance material.

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TM Neolo

Also our company under the Neolo TM produces furniture and other woven products.

Neolo furniture has stylish unique design and high quality.

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